Client: Hyundai USA
Agency: Innocean USA
Art Direction: Stan Chow
Role: Editor/Motion Designer
Project Description:
I am working on the creation of a "Hyundai 4th of July" commercial for our client, Hyundai USA, in collaboration with Innocean USA. Stan Chow provides art direction, and I serve as the editor and motion designer.
Key Objectives:
My main goals are to craft a captivating commercial for Hyundai's 4th of July campaign and to infuse creativity into the project in line with Stan Chow's art direction.
Creative Process:
In my role as the editor and motion designer, I am responsible for:

Video Editing: Expertly sequencing and editing the video footage using Adobe Premiere Pro to ensure a cohesive and engaging storyline. This involves crafting smooth transitions, maintaining the right pacing, and creating an engaging flow.
Motion Design: Leveraging Adobe After Effects to introduce dynamic elements into the commercial. This includes animating graphics, text, and visual effects to enhance the overall visual appeal and storytelling.
Final Deliverable:
The project's conclusion will yield a dynamic "Hyundai 4th of July" commercial, ready for deployment and regional adaptations as required. This project showcases the seamless collaboration between Stan Chow's art direction and the expertise in editing and motion design, resulting in a compelling and patriotic commercial for the 4th of July celebration.