I embarked on a personal design journey to create a unique chair inspired by the mathematical beauty of the Fibonacci sequence. From concept sketches and orthographic drawings to the final 3D renderings, this project represents a true labor of love, showcasing my dedication to innovation and craftsmanship.
Design and Prototyping: 
The entire chair, from initial concept to physical prototype, was meticulously crafted by me. I poured my creative energy into every stage of the design process, ensuring that it reflected the elegance and harmony found in the Fibonacci sequence. The result is a one-of-a-kind chair that embodies both form and function.
Iterative Improvement: 
Having used the chair for over a year, I have had the opportunity to identify areas for improvement. While the chair's initial comfort surpassed my expectations, given its unconventional materials of cardboard and glue, it became evident that further refinements were needed.
Challenges and Notable Features: 
One of the most prominent challenges with the chair is its narrow profile, which affects the comfort for users in terms of shoulder and arm support. However, it has found its niche as a gaming and reading chair, where it excels. The design's most notable feature is its ability to cradle the user's back comfortably, making it an ideal choice for extended periods of relaxation.
Future Enhancements: 
In light of my usage experience and valuable feedback, I am committed to enhancing the chair's overall comfort and durability. To address the narrowness and provide better support for shoulders and arms, my plan is to add a thin layer of high-density memory foam padding to the top contour. Additionally, I will reinforce the contoured cardboard skin to prevent any future issues, such as sinking between the back and bottom ribs of the frame.
The Fibonacci-inspired chair design project represents a harmonious blend of mathematics and artistry. From concept to prototype, it has been a testament to my creativity and dedication to improving the comfort and functionality of everyday objects. As I continue to refine and evolve this unique piece, I look forward to sharing its beauty and innovation with a wider audience.
Sketches leading to the design
Preliminary Orthographic
Orthogaphic and Building Plan
Preping the last contoured top skin
Full Scale Prototype
Cinema 4D Rendering- In Progress
Rendered Still