Project: Internal agency video
Client: Innocean USA,
Artist: Agency commissioned work by MUXXI
Art Direction: Tricia Ting
Role: Editor, Motion Designer
Project Description:
The project involves the creation of an internal agency video for Innocean USA's annual conference. This artistic endeavor, commissioned by MUXXI, comes under the expert guidance of Art Director Tricia Ting. My role in the project is as an Editor and Motion Designer.
Key Objectives:
The primary objectives of this project are:

Internal Agency Video: To produce a captivating and informative video tailored for Innocean USA's annual conference audience.
Artistic Adaptation: To adapt artist-created content for integration into the video, seamlessly blending their work with motion graphics and 3D modeling.
Creative Process:
In the creative process, I undertook the challenging task of faithfully recreating the artist's work in 3D. These 3D models were meticulously animated, and to stay true to the artistic style and simplicity of the project's visuals, they were re-rendered in a distinctive line style.

3D Modeling and Animation: I used Cinema 4D to recreate the artist's original work, adding depth and movement to the visuals. The 3D models were animated to bring them to life, maintaining the essence of the artist's style.
Line-Style Rendering: To stay faithful to the project's artistic style, I re-rendered the 3D models in a line style. This not only preserved the simplicity of the visuals but also highlighted the artistic nuance of the original work.
Final Deliverable:
The project culminates in an internal agency video ready for presentation at Innocean USA's annual conference. By expertly merging artistic content with my motion design and 3D modeling skills, this project is a testament to the seamless fusion of artistry and technical proficiency.